Selected translation projects

  • Legal: experience translating personal legal documents such as vital records documents, personal registration, etc., appeal documents related to corporate tax laws, lease agreements, consignment agreements, company proposals in response to union requests, court rulings on corporate and international tax cases, patents, etc.
  • Corporate communications/marketing: marketing material such as customer feedback, promotional material, etc., corporate communications, customer surveys, results of marketing campaigns, presentations of marketing material, audits, etc.
  • Financial: confirmation slips, bank statements, tax audits, etc.
  • Medical: consent forms for clinical trials, IRB approval/review, patient records, admission/discharge notes, death/birth certificates, etc.
  • Academic documents: statements of purpose and research agendas for university applications; transcripts, diplomas, and syllabi
  • Academic research papers, presentations, interviews and brochures in the field of economics, finance, political science, East Asian history, media, journalism, general engineering, and environmental studies
  • A book on the history of the Korean Economy
  • News articles and opinion pieces on politics, economics and social issues
  • Memoirs and short novels written by North Korean defectors that were compiled into an edited volume
  • Transcription (direct transcription from Korean audio into English text)